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Dimitrios Petrilis

Who is he?

Dimitrios Petrilis was born in Halkida 19 years ago, on 18th of March 1978. Halkida is the capital of Evia, which is the second biggest island of Greece. It is one of the most beautiful towns in Greece. The magnificent beaches and the fact that is only 45 minutes away from Athens make it one of the most popular gateways during the weekend. This great environment seems to had inspired Dimitrios Petrilis, who graduated high school there with high marks.It was back then, in his school years, when he had his first contact with programming. Apparently the elementary things he has taught at that time where sufficient to make him decide at an early age what he was made for being a computer scientist. At the moment Dimitrios Petrilis is staying at Colchester, which is located in the Essex county of United Kingdom. There he is studying Computer Science, he is at his 3rd and final year, in order to become what he always dreamt of. His studies have been successful so far and he is expected to graduate with the same success. Only the future can tell....

Current Status: Student at the University of Essex, UK. Third(final) year studying Computer Science.

Work Experience: Three months as an IT assistant in HAI(Hellenic Aerospace Industry)which is the biggest aerospace industry in Greece.
Four month seminar in SAP, the largest business software enterprise in the world.


Dimitrios Petrilis speaks three languages fluently, Greek(mother tongue), English and German. Also he has experience in various programming languages such as C/C++,Visual C++, Java, Occum, Miranda amongst others. In addition he has worked under several operating systems, UNIX, LINUX, Windows NT, Windows 3.11, Windows 95. He is an experienced internet user and he is an expert on multimedia applications and presentations. Dimitrios has extensive knowledge on several commercial software packages such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Corel Draw, PowerPoint, Access, Microsoft Publisher to name a few.

More details:

He has always been a person with an active social life and the fact that he studies in a university that could be characterized as multicultural has made him able to cooperate with any group of people independently of race, sex, religious beliefs or personal interests. Also during his studies he has been involved in a number of group projects where he didn't face problems of communication. He is a hard worker and focused on the task he is doing. Dimitrios has learned to be a winner, a leader and has the ability to transfer skill to other people.


He and the tutorial:

Dimitrios has always been interested in Mathematics a fact that is reflected on his high school grades. One topic that fascinates him is Polynomial Equation Solving. This is a very wide topic and this is the reason that there is not a single book or computer aided tutorial that covers it from all the aspects. Dimitrios decided to produce one. In order to complete the tutorial he spent a large amount of time on studying and research. The result is "Polynomial Equation Solving of up to 4th Degree and Beyond..." the first complete tutorial concerning the solution of Polynomial Equation of up to 4th degree. Also it provides an introduction to Polynomial Equation Solving of higher degrees. You will see this yourself as you go through the tutorial.

Dimitrios Petrilis     for     University of Essex
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