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 Chapter 1: Sets and Numbers
    1.1 About Sets
    1.2 About Numbers
    1.3 Operations and Properties in the Set R
    1.4 Complex Numbers

Chapter 2: About Polynomial Equations
   2.1 Polynomials
    2.2 Polynomial Equations
    2.3 Polynomial Equations-Examples

Chapter 3: First Degree Polynomial Equations
   3.1 The Equation ax+b=0
    3.2 More Examples
    3.3 Exercises
    3.4 First Degree Polynomial Equations with Parameters
    3.5 Problems that can be Solved with the Help of Polynomial Equations of the 1st Degree

Chapter 4: The binomial Equation 
   4.1 The Binomial Equation where x and a are Real Numbers
    4.2 The equation where z and a are Complex Numbers
    4.3 Examples and Exercises

Chapter 5: Polynomial Equations of the Second Degree
   5.1 The Equation 
    5.2 The Vieta Formulas
    5.3 Examples
    5.4 Real-Life Problems

Chapter 6: Polynomial that can be Solved with Factorization

Chapter 7: Polynomial Equations that can be Solved with the Introduction of an Auxiliary

Chapter 8: Polynomial Equations with Degrees 3 and 4
   8.1 Solving of the Equation 
    8.2 Solving of the Equation 

Chapter 9: History of Polynomial Equations and Polynomial Equations with Degrees Higher
                  than Four